A Meditation on Faith: Accountability

Despite the many honorable accomplishments of the human race to date, we still have a long way to go to bring responsible freedom, peace, and justice to our giant ball of confusion. Continue reading


A Meditation on Faith: Belief in a Just World

Given the patent absurdity of our fleeting, painful, tenuous existence… Continue reading

A Meditation on Faith: Apocalypse Now

Only those who live in insular, privileged bubbles think the “end times” are to be found in some distant Armageddon and grand reckoning. Continue reading

A Meditation on Faith: Sunday School

How can any intelligent and decent person think that training a creche of impressionable young minds to dutifully and mindlessly recite some regurgitated mumbo jumbo about God, Allah, Yahweh, or whatever constitutes an education in life, purpose, and morality? Continue reading

A Meditation on Faith: The Ultimate Heresy

Nothing gets “the faithful” more wound up than a non-believer doing the right thing for its own sake… Continue reading