Coming Out: Belief in a Just World

Given the patent absurdity of our fleeting, painful, tenuous existence… Continue reading


Coming Out: Apocalypse Now

Only those who live in insular, privileged bubbles think the “end times” are to be found in some distant Armageddon and grand reckoning. Continue reading

Coming Out: Sunday School

How can any intelligent and decent person think that training a creche of impressionable young minds to dutifully and mindlessly recite some regurgitated mumbo jumbo about God, Allah, Yahweh, or whatever constitutes an education in life, purpose, and morality? Continue reading

Coming Out: The Ultimate Heresy

Nothing gets “the faithful” more wound up than a non-believer doing the right thing for its own sake… Continue reading

Coming Out: Self-Evidence

Can we all agree that honesty, knowledge, friendship, freedom, responsibility, love, compassion, creativity, and courage are good things? Continue reading