The Three-Letter-Word, Part II


To those who embrace one of the more “sophisticated” conceptions of God, I am compelled to ask… Continue reading


Coming Out: Some Self-Disclosure

It all began when the stork dropped my buns down a working class chimney in New Jersey in 1961… after which I was raised in a minority rite of the Catholic Church known as Byzantine Catholic. Continue reading

Coming Out: A Message to the Apologists, Part I

I know who you are.

And YOU know who you are.

And I am calling you out. Continue reading

Coming Out: The Five-Letter-Word, Part I

How did we humans ever get to the point where “having faith”, in other words, believing the unbelievable, is held in such high regard? Continue reading

Coming Out: The Seven-Letter-Word, Part II

Call me an atheist, if you will, but do know this… Continue reading