A Meditation on Education: Couch Potatoes

A major obstacle to human development… Continue reading


Coming Out: Interfaith Dialogue

I have deep reverence for knowledge, freedom, beauty, opportunity, gratitude, courage, curiosity, honesty, friendship, compassion, adventure, diversity, community, humility, generosity, enjoyment, thrift, understanding, integrity, creativity, fair play, spontaneity, affection, passion, empathy, autonomy, responsibility, science, reason, love, power, and justice. Continue reading

Coming Out: Psych 101

The experiments of the social sciences repeatedly demonstrate that most primates, humans included,… Continue reading

A Meditation on Civilization: We are the World

At this very moment, a perfectly innocent African orphan girl is dying a horribly painful and lonely death because she was bitten by a mosquito. Continue reading

Coming Out: Conspiracy Theory

It’s criminal enough that we are lied to every day by the preachers, politicians, and other snake oil salesmen. Continue reading