The Nature-Nurture Debate

If scientists could unravel and decode every strand of my DNA…

and tally every reward I enjoyed and every punishment I endured growing up, would my life’s trajectory come as a pleasant surprise to them?

I sure hope so.

9 thoughts on “The Nature-Nurture Debate

    1. Not to mention an abrupt change in life circumstances or trauma (not to be confused with nurture): a sudden death, illness, disability, unemployment, homelessness, disaster, betrayal, famine, rape, war… to name but a few.

    1. The feeling is mutual, dear Ana. Thank YOU for not losing your personhood and humanity in a world that would just as soon strip it away from you.

  1. Sometimes, I think the answer to this question is simple. We are just who we are. Whether we are aware of it or not, we decide. We decide to survive or not.

    1. Thanks so much for the most kind and empathetic words, Gerald. No particular trauma involved… mostly just commonplace religious and political indoctrination that tried to bend this twig this way and that over the course of thousands of days.

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