Wake Up Call, Part 1

DEATH–that vicious constraint that awaits us all–transforms life into a very serious business…

… but NOT for the reason that terrorized me as a child…

namely, the fear of what might happen to me after I die.

To be clear, I have no fear of being dead. (The physically and emotionally painful process of dying is a whole other matter)

And I have no fear of being dead for at least two reasons…

First, if indeed this life is all there is, I have no more reason to fear my infinite non-existence in “the afterlife” than I had to fear my infinite non-existence in “the beforelife”.

And second, if there really is something waiting for me beyond this world, so be it. But I have no heartbeats to waste searching for, quibbling about, or wagering on the unknown and unknowable.

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11 thoughts on “Wake Up Call, Part 1

  1. My brother Frankie, thank you for your insights about death, what most people consider a very difficult topic. You’re exactly right, I’m sure that billions of lives are unlived due to the fear and/or avoidance of it. At the end of the day, you always help me to think differently and ultimately live a better life. Truly a Wake Up Call!

      1. It’s not so bad. People are doing exactly what they want to do. If they didn’t have this anxiety they’d find another to thrive on.

      1. It’s too bad death is such a touchy taboo topic in our culture. It should be addressed with levity and humor.

        1. Agreed. I suspect that the desire to keep death forever at arm’s length is one of the major causes of billions of lives unlived.

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