Finding Yourself, Part 2

Willpower does not exist…

The only way to stop doing things that are bad for you and to start doing things that are good for you is never a matter of superhuman self-control or self-denial, but of self-possession, impassioned by one thing: CLARITY of PURPOSE.

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4 thoughts on “Finding Yourself, Part 2

  1. Your posts are helpful today. I am in a prolonged recovery from, first, illness (covid) and then injury (foot fractures) that have kept me on the couch all summer. I am hoping that next week the doc will give me the okay for a return to the gym and pool, but meanwhile I’ve been squandering opportunities to do some workouts at home to get this party started. Clarity of purpose is a helpful angle. I will ponder….

    1. Great to hear from you, Teresa, as always… but sorry you’ve been grounded all summer. It’s quite a challenge indeed to reinvent ourselves as our health is stripped away from us. Sending a hug and hope that you’re back in the saddle soon.

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