Frank’s Cancer Journey

My name is Frank. I’m a cancer survivor. I’m also living with cancer…

And unless there’s a miracle on the horizon (or something else gets me first), cancer is likely to make my life unlivable in the not-too-distant future.

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6 thoughts on “Frank’s Cancer Journey

  1. Frank, I hardly know where to start. I just finished reading your entire “Cancer Journey” series, and it is by turns the most inspirational, heartbreaking, educational, horrifying and just plain incredible story I’ve ever read. And to think, I’d never have read it if you hadn’t found my blog and reached out. Pretty amazing, the way life works sometimes. You’re a remarkable man, living a remarkable life in the face of the most overwhelming odds imaginable. I salute you, and I wish you every moment of joy you can squeeze out of this life. It’s been an honor walking with you thus far.

    1. Wow, Larry!!! I can’t possibly do justice to how deeply I’ve been touched and honored by your most kind words of empathy and encouragement this day. Your uncommon generosity of spirit and the guts to walk with me are a precious gift and powerful medicine. I am so glad we found each other. Cheers to you, my new friend!

  2. Hi Frank,
    I was watching a YouTube lecture by Dr Paul Marik whom I have the greatest respect for his leadership and courage in COVID treatments. The topic is cancer care monograph that cancer is primarily a metabolic disease and can be greatly influenced by our diets. I thought of you immediately and I like you to watch it.

    1. Note to lurkers: This comment is a “great” example of how NOT to help someone living with or dying from cancer–in at least five ways:
      1. Of course because the video is loaded with misleading and dangerous misinformation.
      2. Of course because Paul Marik is a well known anti-vax, anti-mask, anti-distancing, pro-Ivermectin right-wing quack who preys on the desperate and vulnerable.
      3. Of course because FLCCC, it’s membership, and sinister sales tactics are completely discredited by reputable medical professionals:
      4. This is a classic example of blaming the patient–in my case someone who has a definitive, inherited genetic defect that strongly predisposes me to over a dozen cancer types (and who is currently living with stage 4 colon, stage 4 leukemia, and stage 4 prostate cancer, as well as dozens of dangerous and disfiguring sebaceous adenomas and carcinomas).
      5. Such comments show a total lack of empathy–by giving a dying person work to do. If you really want to help, I could use a ride to my next colonoscopy. In the meantime, please don’t make me play “Where’s Waldo?” slogging through hours of snake oil and click bait videos to find the magical herb, vitamin, supplement, diet, medication, meditation, or attitude that will cure me.

        1. Thanks a million for the sanity check, Teresa. I strongly considered simply deleting the harmful nonsense comment, but thanks to your seconding of my response, I see that responding as I did was a teachable moment and absolutely necessary. Glad you are here–not just on this post but on planet earth.

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