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ffrf freedom from religion foundation

I believe in decency over dogma.

I believe in deeds not creeds.

I believe that good works in non-mysterious ways.

And I believe that the triumph of secular humanist values is the only path to universal peace and justice.

To that end, I became a life member of the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF)… compelled to join by the realization that so many competing and incompatible superstitions (also known as religions) are not merely ridiculous, but are extremely dangerous… and must be actively and visibly challenged by those of us who know better.

Importantly, I have chosen to join FFRF not just in support of the freedom of non-believers. I do so also to defend the health and safety of other-believers. I do so out of compassion for those still trapped in the closet of belief. And I do so especially in defense of innocent, trusting children who are indoctrinated and terrorized by the racket of religion every day.

Thanks to the commitment of its leadership, the hard work and perseverance of its legal team, and the support of its ever-growing membership, FFRF has and continues to expose and successfully challenge countless church-state separation violations all around the United States.

By the way, such violations are far more numerous and egregious than one might expect in twenty-first century America. If you have your doubts, please visit the FFRF website and prepare to be shocked by what is happening even in your home town.

And so, I have chosen to put my money where my mouth is… and I encourage anyone who reveres the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to join the FFRF… with this most important point in mind: The Establishment Clause affirms not only the freedom of religion, but also the freedom from religion — without which the freedom of religion is not even possible.

Thanks and Peace.

Author: Frank J Peter

A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

11 thoughts on “Freedom from Religion Foundation”

  1. Words like god and Allah must go the way of Apollo and Bal or they will unmake our world.
    (Sam Harris, Letter to a Christian Nation)

  2. Thank you for posting this! I talk about freedom from religion a lot on my blog site. Many people don’t realize the detrimental effects and mental damage religion causes. Many think it’s simple to just follow a doctrine and be quiet. But it causes so much damage. It’s like emotional abuse! Many suffer behind this.

  3. I just joined! Thanks Frank!

    1. Super duper, Marcia! Thanks for letting me and the world know about your membership. Your support really matters and fills me with hope for building a truly ethical world based on authentic concern for each other, not belief in superstitious nonsense. All the best!

  4. maryplumbago says:

    Oh yes… I’m very familiar with the FFRF. They are an excellent group and will have my support. thank you.

    1. maryplumbago says:

      Just joined…thanks again

      1. Super duper! Thanks so much for letting me know, Mary. It is heartening to know that you have joined our ranks. All the best!

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