Coming Out: The Five-Letter-Word, Part II

Wouldn’t it be nice if faith was simply a matter of choosing what to believe? Continue reading


Coming Out: Belief Unmasked

What is “faith”, as professed (not to confused with practiced) by most, but just a claim… Continue reading

Coming Out: Welcome to The Monkey House

What is a sincere and rational person to do trapped on a sphere where billions of his fellow beings are convinced that they know… or at least pretend to know… the what, how, and why of all that exists? Continue reading

Coming Out: Inbreeding

Tradition, popularity, and a host of other unquestioned habits all conspire to create the illusion of truth… Continue reading

Coming Out: Gaslighting

The preachers, politicians, and other snake oil salesmen do not profit by making their congregations, constituents, and customers comfortable in their own skins. Continue reading