The Power of Words

Words have the power to create or destroy, to inspire or disillusion, to ennoble or corrupt…

…and thus to spread either joy or misery.

So, what language do you speak?

What language do you want to speak?

Is it the language of contention or peacemaking?

Suspicion or trust?

Competition or collaboration?

Resentment or reconciliation?

Victimhood or empowerment?

Blame or responsibility?

Withdrawal or engagement?

Self-righteousness or humility?

Scarcity or abundance?

In a phrase, are you speaking the language of resignation or hope?

10 thoughts on “The Power of Words

  1. Your last question: “are you speaking the language of resignation or hope?” Some days it is hope, some days it is anger, but never resignation. If we give up all hope, then what is the purpose of continuing to live? If there’s nothing to hope for, then why bother?

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