Mother Nature

mother nature

If, by some miracle, all the world’s religions became one, if peace and freedom erupted everywhere, and if man-made cruelty vanished forever…

… life would still be hard.

Our frail bodies would still be at the mercy of genetic mutations, disabilities, and deformities… at the mercy of microbes, venoms, parasites, and predators… at the mercy of solar radiation, the weather, and tectonic upheavals… to name but a few.

Is this not reason enough to unite us in common cause against our real enemy? (Namely, the countless horrors of “God’s perfect creation”)

Author: Frank J Peter

A uniquely burdened and blessed citizen of the world thinking and acting out loud!

6 thoughts on “Mother Nature”

  1. If peace abounded I have a feeling so would health. As a self regulating organism as myself or the world, could peace and sickness coexist?

    1. I hear you, Jim. Alas, we have quite a bit of catching up to do–thanks to the staggering opportunity costs incurred by centuries of religio-political division. I am optimistic that our moral and scientific progress understanding is slowing ratcheting in the right direction, but I fear it may take a hundred generations to get there. Cheers!

        1. Is your comment some sort of test to see how long it would take me to recognize two well-known snake oil salesmen charlatan hypnotists selling their new age woo-woo pseudo-science to the desperate and vulnerable?

          1. Lol. Good catch Frank. If any of this were truly scientific they would be able to provide some demonstration of such powers.

            1. I am never quite sure when you are deftly employing sarcasm, Jim. You had me really worried about you for a moment!

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